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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Chapter 7 - November 2, 2004

November 2, 2004
The Day the Changed the Universe

Woke up late today. Gonna go change the universe. Watch me vote...

Back now. Voted. Waiting for the results.

There were long lines at the pools today. Should be a good sign. The many are more important than the few.

For my side, I am feeling a bit laconic. Maybe even a bit Laocoontic. Were Laocoon to sculpt me today, I would be just as twisted as he would want me to be, were he to paint my inside outside. I’ll get over it though. I am a big boy. A very big boy. This is my “little” secret. Stick around and I might show it to you later.

Today will change the universe, no matter the outcome of the election. The question is…will it change for the better or will it change for the worse? Will this day end in world celebration? Or will this day end by sinking America and the world deeper into darkness?
We will soon find out. Or will we? There are ample reasons to believe that all manner of shenanigans are going to take place all around this fair country of ours. May this country is not so fair after all.
But what will be my role in each possible outcome? What do you do if you are a Kerry supporter, and Kerry does win? Does one go on attacking Bush, who is now a lame duck? Or does one go to work creating the new world?

My vote goes toward the latter.

From my viewpoint, I think it is imperative that Democrats hit the ground running. Armed with plans, visions, missions, solutions… an open ear and mind to good ideas, and an open heart to good people…everywhere.
The best way to predict the future is to create it…so therefore, let’s create.

Wish I felt more creative…

The end, once upon a time…

What if I did this. What if I ended the story with the outcome of the election, rather than having it end at the end of November…which might, alas, be horribly boring?
I could use the first line as the last line, and it would have a certain pregnancy.

The end, once upon a time, was just the beginning. The end of the malaise and misery index. The end of nexus this and “there is no question but that” that. The end of endless warring and killing, wounding and destroying. The end of the widening enemies list. The end of secret meetings and no-bid contracts. The end of the nucular assault on the English language. The end of eco-rape, shock and awe, global boiling, boils on the face of crooked-E spooksmen, and terror chefs. The end of a sick finite game played for Mammon, on the promise of eternal Champagne, and protection, my dear boy, protection.

I despair to think what wild wild western sibyllization would issue forth from such a dire consequence as having a return of the rough beast to throne us with more bad karma, shame, and reciprocal destruction. Johnny! Unite us!

OK. It is now 11:48 PM, and Bush just won Florida, or at least that’s how the networks called it. A headline comes to mind…

America says F*ck the World

So it is now up to Ohio. If Ohio falls, so falls Kerry…and everything else besides.
NOT a pretty picture.

Suddenly it is 12:30, and not much has changed. I honestly think they are torturing us like this just to stall for time. They want to give us the bad, bogus, news late in the night, so they will not have had to lie to too many people.

I’m frankly conflicted. There are places I could go and be with other people, but I would much rather celebrate than mourn. And at this point I am anostradamal enough to have no real idea where this thing is headed. If you do, please tell me.

I could go to the store, I do need coffee and smokes. Surely I would miss something important. They would call Ohio, for example. They do stuff like that, just to piss me off.

Maybe I shall just stick around here, drink tea, and write, write, write. I need to produce words. Fifty thousand, in fact. I guess these will do.

Ah look! Barack Obama! A pleasance for a change. God tonight really has been torture. Thank God HE won at least! He and Edwards would make a good team in the White House some day. Remember. You heard it here first.

You also heard about the Frank Zapper here first.

How do I know?

Because I am going to tell you.

The Frank Zapper is a tube into which you place and cook a single hotdog.

I came up with this product many years ago, and as far as I know, no one else has taken it up. I need some tea. BRB.

OK. Sorry.

Well. It is happening. It is also 1:13. ..which also happens to be my birthday.
Bush is being shoehorned back into the White House. How dreadfully exciting.

Excuse me while I puke.


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