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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Chapter 12 - “We don't need no stinking election!”

A few weeks ago, I was talking to some fellow Democratic bloggers, and we were discussing what to do if Kerry became the president. The consensus was this:

Hit the ground, running.

In other words...get to work making the world a better place. It's what Democrats do best. Republicans are the ones who are good at destroying the world...being, basically, agents of Satan. As agents of God, Democrats create Heaven on Earth. Not Hell on Earth...which, again, is Satan's work. War is Hell. Bush is the War President. The Satan President. Not the Great Satan. The Mediocre Satan.

But Kerry didn't win. What do Democrats do now?

Here's what Democrats do:

We live, act and work as if Kerry DID win. In other words, we do not become what they are; reactionaries. We proact. We go ahead and create a better world. We don't just talk about how we would create a better world...but only if you elect us. We don't need no stinking election in order to do our good works.

Some people think that we ought to immediately work toward impeaching Mister Bush. They think that we ought to react to every stupid proposal they put before us.
I say that sure, these things ought to be batted down. But we mustn't hide our light under a Bush. Make THEM play keep-up!

Four years from now, the Democrats should have already proven their mettle, and we should have a host of wondrous accomplishments to point at and brag about. Because you know what? The incompetent Bush administration will fall from the weight of its own lies and deceptions. LET THE POWER FALL. Simply step aside, and get to work creating a better tomorrow. People will be begging us to take the reins. And at that point we can tell them to go fuck themselves.

Just kidding.

Let the power fall. Don't be mere reactionaries.

No need to listen to Rush Limbaugh. No need to watch FOX News. No need to visit the Drudge Report.

Where we are going, we don't need roads. Not the kind of roads they offer.
Let the power fall. Divest. Change the channel.
Let the Republicans impeach Bush. They will get sick of him eventually. If Democrats do it, it will only ensure that the next Democrat in the White House is also foisted up the same tree.

Break the chain of reaction. Move forward. It's what we do best.

Be fearless as you create the future. Fear is a staple food of reactionary people. We are proactionary and conscious. Time we acted like it. Time we acted on it.

Fellow scribes,

Sorry I missed the concurrence today at the bookstore.
Curious to hear about it though...

Have there been any discussions about having meetups in other areas of town besides South Park? Such a disgusting area in which to drive my reality-based automobile. The thick air of pretension reduces the efficiency of said RBA, who is much more Thoreauvian, temperamentally, as is its master.
No wonder they made a cartoon.

Shant occurrences prospond elsewhither? Autre doors? In coffee houses? One-night cheap hotels?

Of course I jest about hotels, but do wonder what wild ecstasy might issue from a spot of tea served from the faint equivalent of dirigibility, sworn to provide, divided by the angels, aloft in the ughten... My butling sacerdotal, Frigg, Wotan, Odin...a mere devolution of words now. Mindloss nearly complete. Systems error. Abort. Abort. Abort a highway. This meaningless waste of word.




This writing is starting to get to me...

The Long Work of my Real Hotdog

I can’t, for the life of me, remember what this title means. I mean, I wrote it down just today. I was talking to Zhoodah on the tele, and it came up. Perhaps it will come to me later. We’ll just have to wait and see.



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